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Mabel by CraizyDaizy Mabel :iconcraizydaizy:CraizyDaizy 2 2 Neon Tetra by CraizyDaizy Neon Tetra :iconcraizydaizy:CraizyDaizy 3 0
Sam Hersch Demigod Profile
Full Name- Samantha Rae Hersch
Meaning- Listener
Hometown- Phoenix, AZ
Current Residence- Ajo, Arizona
Age- 17
Gender- Female
Height- 5'8
Weight- 140
Blood Type- //
Nationality- Spanish and Dutch
Birthday- December 26, 1999
Chinese Zodiac- Rabbit
Greek Zodiac- Sagittarius
Element- Earth
Hair Color- Super black, almost purple
Hair Type- medium, straight and choppy
Eye Color- Bright blue
Eye Sight- 20/20
Physical Description- softball player build
Clothing Description- Jeans, work boots, t-shirt, denim overshirt, baseball cap
Good Traits- funny, kind
Flaws- cocky, unaware, doesn’t take things seriously
Fears- wild animals
Why Do They Have This Fear- grew up on a ranch with coyotes, cougars and snakes
Favorite Food- enchiladas
Least Favorite Food- kale
Favorite Drink- Coke
Least Favorite Drink- N/A
Favorite Time Of Year- spring
Favorite Time of Day- night
Favorite Animal- dog
Favorite Song- ‘39 by Queen
Favorite Movie- UHF
Best School Subject- History
:iconcraizydaizy:CraizyDaizy 0 0
Sakura Haruno: the Last | Makeup Test #1 by CraizyDaizy Sakura Haruno: the Last | Makeup Test #1 :iconcraizydaizy:CraizyDaizy 7 1 Merida Selfie! by CraizyDaizy Merida Selfie! :iconcraizydaizy:CraizyDaizy 11 7 Guinea Fowl by CraizyDaizy Guinea Fowl :iconcraizydaizy:CraizyDaizy 6 3 William Elric Study by CraizyDaizy William Elric Study :iconcraizydaizy:CraizyDaizy 5 5
Rise of the Dead: Ch.4 Turmoil
                                   Chapter 4: Turmoil
TW: Gore, violence, mild swearing
Raspy, exhausted breaths were the only sound on the hillside that evening. A heavily freckled girl with a head of massive ginger curls hiked her way upward. In Merida Dunbroch’s sapphire eyes glimmered her first glimpse of hope in days: shelter. Hope was a rarity these days. When it all started, Merida tried her hardest to be optimistic. She forced happy thoughts into her head until she saw a regular customer get a chunk of their arm bit off by an infected madman. Happy thoughts stopped after she fled the town she had once escaped to. Running, escaping… “Is that all a’hm capable of?” She spat suddenly. Red frustration colored her face in mere seconds as she stomped up the knoll.
The young Scot paused as she reached the top curve of the butte. Congested snarls and diseased moans fro
:iconcraizydaizy:CraizyDaizy 5 1
In Your Face! Modern Merida by CraizyDaizy In Your Face! Modern Merida :iconcraizydaizy:CraizyDaizy 25 18
Rise of the Dead: Ch.3 Perception
  Warmth. A soft yellow glow. Gentle whispers. When Rapunzel Corona closed her eyes at night her hellish reality bled away and the one of old reappeared. Eugene would brush her golden hair away from her face, smile and say, “I've missed you, princess.” In her dreamscape, she was always held tight in the arms of the man she loved. In her dreams everything made sense.
  Cold. Endless stretch of blackness. Silence. When she opened her eyes, nothing had changed.
  Rapunzel forced a small smile as she made her way down a frosty slope of land. The words of her mother rang in her ear: Attitude is everything! The golden-haired beauty smiled wider, and turned her face to the rising sun. “Moments like these,” She said aloud, bringing her arms up to greet the fiery mass. “Everything feels… normal.” She recollected the early mornings when she lived with her foster mother, a crotchety old woman named Goth
:iconcraizydaizy:CraizyDaizy 9 2
Rise of the Dead: Ch.2 Escape
TRIGGER WARNING: gore/violence/mild swearing
  The moon was a glowing orb illuminating the night sky as Jackson Overland Frost fitfully tossed in his sleep. He was in a cramped space in between tree branches, about six feet off the ground and covered in dewy leaves. His snowy hair had bits of dirt and twigs scattered throughout, and his pale skin was littered in mud. The blue flannel shirt and work khakis he donned were just as ragged and disheveled as the rest of him looked. In his lap sat a gray duffel bag, almost brand new save for the tags, filled with two bottles of water, a small tin of crackers and a dark blue hooded sweatshirt. Although he was asleep, Jack clenched onto the bag with desperate fingers. That bag was all he had for now.
  “Looks like Frosty’s gonna go hit the gym again.” One inmate snorted, as he drew another card from the deck in front of him. “Good, I like it when my boyfriends have rock hard abs.” Cackled the other, pl
:iconcraizydaizy:CraizyDaizy 6 6
Rise of the Dead: Ch.1 Awakening
TW: Gore
  Buzzing. Beeping. Barking. Buzz. Beep. Bark. Repeat.
  Hiccup's head was throbbing, and even though he was just on the brink of consciousness, he felt an oncoming headache. His forest-green eyes peeled open, and he was startled to see the ceiling he was greeted with was different. It wasn't the wood-paneled ceiling of his home, it was a stark white. The young man bolted upward in bed, a sudden dizziness overcoming him.
  Buzzing. Beeping. Barking. Buzz. Beep. Bark. Repeat.
  To his left he saw a heart monitor machine, an IV pumping fluids into his arm, and his police dog, Toothless, barking for him to wake up. Toothless, a massive, sleek, jet-black Labrador, was pacing by the closed hospital door, eyes focused on Hiccup. The toned muscles rippled underneath his pelt as the fur on his hackles raised. Hiccup pulled the IV out of his arm, and quickly unwrapped all of the contraptions the hospital had put on him.
  "H-How long was I out, boy?" Hiccup que
:iconcraizydaizy:CraizyDaizy 9 14
Merida -Preview- by CraizyDaizy Merida -Preview- :iconcraizydaizy:CraizyDaizy 18 9
Lots of drawings, fanfiction and photography! Enjoy!

Fanfiction Completion Statuses :work:

:bulletgreen:Rise of the Dead - Permanent hiatus

:bulletpurple:Daughter of the Dead Chronicles - WIP

:bulletblue:Thunder & Love Chronicles: Revisited - WIP


Commission: Saber Lily by OlchaS Commission: Saber Lily :iconolchas:OlchaS 983 34 2B Nierautomata by vanityinsanity93 2B Nierautomata :iconvanityinsanity93:vanityinsanity93 17 0 EVA Foam Breastplate Tutorial by Kinpatsu-Cosplay EVA Foam Breastplate Tutorial :iconkinpatsu-cosplay:Kinpatsu-Cosplay 361 27 harleen by nebezial harleen :iconnebezial:nebezial 12,789 1,567 Fabric Gradient Dye Tutorial by FireLilyCosplay Fabric Gradient Dye Tutorial :iconfirelilycosplay:FireLilyCosplay 3,036 167 Saber Cosplay: Certain Bonds by ashelikescake Saber Cosplay: Certain Bonds :iconashelikescake:ashelikescake 109 21 Saber Cosplay: Light Above Me by ashelikescake Saber Cosplay: Light Above Me :iconashelikescake:ashelikescake 76 11 Saber Cosplay 6 by ElisaCosplay Saber Cosplay 6 :iconelisacosplay:ElisaCosplay 80 9 FATE ZERO SABER01 by shuichimeryl FATE ZERO SABER01 :iconshuichimeryl:shuichimeryl 193 8 Saber 02 by Karumen-Chan Saber 02 :iconkarumen-chan:Karumen-Chan 32 3 Saber (Arturia Pendragon) by Karumen-Chan Saber (Arturia Pendragon) :iconkarumen-chan:Karumen-Chan 108 33 Saber (10th Anniversary Ver) by Shazzsteel Saber (10th Anniversary Ver) :iconshazzsteel:Shazzsteel 208 9 Saber by Shazzsteel Saber :iconshazzsteel:Shazzsteel 100 4 Alter Ruler Cosplay - Jeanne d'Arc by Dorigatto Alter Ruler Cosplay - Jeanne d'Arc :icondorigatto:Dorigatto 13 2 Lancer Fate/Zero - Diarmuid Ua Duibhne by Dorigatto Lancer Fate/Zero - Diarmuid Ua Duibhne :icondorigatto:Dorigatto 3 2 How to make Armor with Foam Sheets and Fabric by RuffleButtCosplay How to make Armor with Foam Sheets and Fabric :iconrufflebuttcosplay:RuffleButtCosplay 2,369 108
Amazing stuff by amazing people~



I'm starting a blog so I may deactivate this account, because so much of my progress and activity will be put onto it. Stay tuned for more updates, 8 watchers :P
Neon Tetra
Drew a nice little neon tetra last night. Got lazy and decided not to do the scales. Used Prismacolor pencils and white gellyroll pens on Strathmore toned tan paper.
Finally writing again and it feels so good. Super inspired lately; look forward to an influx of writing if it sticks lol :B
Gonna hang out with my boyfriend and pick up some cosplay supplies today, and spend all night playing Mount and Blade: Warband and working on a fanfiction I abandoned for a bit! Yay!
Hello everybody!

It's been quite a while since I've been active here on dA in any capacity. Today was my first day of my 4th semester of college, making me a sophomore. Which means next semester I'm gonna be a junior! AAAAHHHHH. The adult world is coming in quick, lol! I'm a business major in college but I still plan on doing cosplay things as long as it makes me happy :) I'm also working on my voice acting career and starting up a YouTube channel with my boyfriend that will mostly be full of travel vlogs, some cosplay/game tutorials and videos and some regular vlog videos as well. 

As far as cosplay goes, I'm working on Leona from League of Legends-- I'm doing her classic skin and my boyfriend is going to be doing Pantheon also from League in his classic skin. I finished up most of the breastplate the other day and have literally everything else to finish haha. We aren't setting a deadline because we want these costumes to be as perfect as possible so we can enter them in a cosplay competition! After I enter them in a competition, I'll do a blog write-up or vlog video about the whole costume-- I know it will turn out great! We will probably debut the costumes at PAX 2018. We will also be doing Team Skull Grunt cosplays (probably at A-Kon) and revamping our Zootopia and Sly Cooper costumes as well. 

In other news I started working out again. My school offers a bunch of fitness courses at the gym so I'm going to be doing yoga, pilates and cardio-type classes every day of the week from Monday to Friday and hopefully I'll get more in shape and be happier and healthier. I've been keeping track of my progress (health and cosplay lol) in a bullet journal. Maybe I will make a bullet journal YouTube video! I hope to film a video this week, probably on thursday :) 

That's all for now, talk to you soon everyone.
  • Watching: Jim Gaffigan
  • Drinking: Water


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